Papa Bear’s Booty

14 Nov

To clarify, I’m referring to the results of Papa Bear’s latest hobby and not some bizarre accident that has befallen his posterior.
Although knowing PB and his track record lately, give it time…

So whats the newest hobby?

Metal detecting.

I think it’s a great hobby.  Especially for someone with such a vast knowledge of military history that happens to be living in an area steeped in so much early American history.

So far I know PB’s enjoyed combing the local beaches but after searching online and looking at historic military maps of North Carolina, he’s hoping to get permission from some of the private land owners in the area to let him poke around their property.

This batch of coins were found on Onslow beach October 30th on one of his first outings.


On November 11th.


And November 13th.
At the rate he’s been collecting coins, I think Bear Cubs college tuition is in the bag!

Almost two weeks ago BC and I flew out to visit PB in North Carolina. While there, Papa Bear’s friend and fellow Marine, A, ( and his lovely family) had invited us to a BBQ at their house on Emerald Island.


Of course PB brought his metal detector so we all took a walk on the beach while PB and A searched for whatever there was to be found.

Who knew there were so many tent stakes buried on a beach?




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One Response to “Papa Bear’s Booty”

  1. Sistah-in-Law November 16, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    My dad used to have one of those. I might be pipe dreaming but I’m pretty sure he took it with us on vacation when we were growing up.

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