Friday Randomoids

18 Nov


applause Pictures, Images and PhotosI would like to give a big round of applause to our son, Bear Cub.

Through no fault of his own, BC has missed 6 days of school due to family trips we’ve taken.  Luckily, most of the classes he missed either hadn’t given homework for the time he was gone or if it was assigned, he was able to get it done on planes or in cars.
All except one class, Computer Tech.  Any work assigned in this class must be done IN class so obviously, BC was missing some assignments.
Now, our young cub could have just accepted the grade he was getting with those missing assignments but I’m proud to say, he didn’t.  He took it upon himself to make arrangements with this Computer Tech teacher to stay after school and make up all of those missing assignments.
It’s taken him two weeks to do it but as of Tuesday, he’s all caught up and all of his work turned in.

Earlier this week Bear Cub was watching me write something in cursive. He then revealed to me something that I found quite stunning.  He said, “Mom, do you know that almost all the kids in my class don’t know how to read cursive?”
Apparently, and for quite some time, when kids from BC’s class encounter something that’s written in cursive, they ask BC to read it for them.

I’m not EVEN gonna go into how I feel about 9th grade students not being able to read cursive or how this just furthers my frustrations with our little school district in what I see as failing to properly educate our children…  Nope, not gonna do it.  I’m going to focus on Bear Cub…
SO, after watching me write in cursive BC concluded a few things.   First.  Writing in cursive is a faster way to write.  Second.  His cursive is actually a bit neater to read than his printing.  And third.  He didn’t want to “forget” how to write in cursive…because the more he thought about it the more he’d realized there were a few capitalized letters in cursive he couldn’t exactly remember.

Bear Cub came home the next day and announced that everything he had written that day and turned in to a teacher was in cursive.  Not only was his work neater but he’d also gotten it done faster.
We’re very proud of our young cub for taking this initiative in what we see as bettering himself and his school work.  And as PB observed, “…and if his classmates can’t read cursive, they won’t be able to cheat off of him either!”

Another Toy for PB

It’s a EMSI Flex-IT.
OK, so it’s not quite as cool as a metal detector, but it’s got to be better than a PICC line, right?

Ever since Papa Bear had his accident back in June, he’s been in constant pain through his neck and shoulder area…this of course being totally different from PB actually being a pain in the neck sometimes but I digress…

Shortly after his accident, with what was thought at first to be a bone chip between the C6 and C7 disc’s of his spine, was later determined to be a herniated disc.  Not only has this left him with the pain, but it’s also effected the strength of his left hand.

While at a follow up appointment earlier this week with the Neurologist, PB was given the Flex-it unit to bring home and use.   Hopefully this will help with the pain in his neck and shoulders while his herniated disc slowly recovers.

Overwintering Carrots

Did you know you can leave carrots in the ground all winter?  I didn’t and I was quite excited to find this out!

We like carrots but they aren’t something we eat everyday.  I would just dig a few up here and there as we wanted them but with the temperatures here in UT dropping and our gardening season was drawing to a close, I still had plenty of carrots left in our garden and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them.

Turns out, I’ve read, that not only will they keep just fine by leaving them in the ground, they might in fact, become a bit sweeter in flavor as winter progresses.  This is because the plant starts to concentrate its sugars in order to help it survive the cold.  SWEET!

The only downside, if you can even call it that, is that the tops of the carrots tend to become a bit dark and the green leafy tops will eventually die off.  Since I cut them off anyway, I consider that a bonus!

You are going to want to mulch around the carrots well, especially if like here, you experience snow with your winters.
I might also recommend that you mark them with sticks or something similar in case your snow gets deep.

I’ll have to try and remember to come back and update this one and let you know how it goes.

2 Responses to “Friday Randomoids”

  1. PB November 18, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    Proud of you BC.

  2. countrybumpkin1 November 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    Way to go BC!! Im shocked to hear those kids cannot read/write cursive! Maybe BC will motivate the kids and teachers to improve things!!!

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