Meat Glue? What’s Your Opinion?

29 Feb

Meat glue?  Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t.  Not until last week when my sister sent me an email from a work associate asking me to do some sleuthing into the subject.  And frankly, the information I found not only skeeved me out but ethically, I’m finding it’s just rubbing me the wrong way.

Meat glue is transglutaminase (or TG), which is essentially an enzyme in powered form used as a protein bonding agent.   Now the use of TG in itself isn’t really where I have the problem.  This naturally occurring enzyme has been used by the food industry for many years in such things as dairy products for thickening yogurt or for the curdling process when making cheese.  It’s even used for binding egg noodles.

My “beef” is with its use as a meat glue specifically and how the food industry can pass this stuff off without having to tell consumers. 
Actually, let me correct that statement.  Meat glue was banned by European Parliament in 2010 but it’s not banned anywhere else. The FDA did pass a law in which grocery stores are suppose to label meats that are “formed” or “reformed”, such as hot dogs, imitation crab meat, bologna, chicken nuggets, etc, but not restaurants.

Restaurants are allowed to combine left over scraps of meat and charge you the same price as a high priced fillet.  Not only that, but should one of those scrap of meat be contaminated with bacteria and get rolled into that pieced together fillet and NOT get cooked to an appropriate temperature?
Granted, it’s isn’t everyday that your reading stories about restaurant patrons being contaminated by their high priced tenderloin but still.  Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

To shed a bit more light on the subject, I’m including a video and a couple of links to read.

Meat Glue Secret-Today Tonight

or read about it at~

Cooking Issues

Green Prophet


So what’s YOUR opinion on meat glue?

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One Response to “Meat Glue? What’s Your Opinion?”

  1. PB February 29, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    A good argument for raising your own livestock……

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