Like Father, Like Son

21 Mar


Papa Bear hadn’t been home a full 24 hours yet when he surprised Bear Cub with his very own metal detector.

Just previous to that, PB had been showing BC many of the items he had found out in North Carolina on many of his own metal detecting adventures.  I’ve shown BC the emails and texts PB has sent to me of the things he’s found but nothing gets the point across quite like holding an actual mini ball in your hand and feeling the weight of it.

I mean, both BC and I realized they were made of lead, but still, to see it and feel it…it really puts the fighting scenes from movies like, The Patriot, in better prospective.


Within minutes of opening the box, PB had BC out in the backyard showing him how to use it.
PB spread several different types of metals in the yard so BC could hear how the metal detector reacted as it passed over them.

Since earlier that day PB had been given the green light from the city to metal detect the local parks, he and BC headed over to a park close to The Homestead.

I could see them out the kitchen window.  They were there almost two hours and when they came home, they had some pretty cool finds.

Sixteen pennies, two dimes, one quarter, an Avon ring, a few items that look like they came off someones jacket-like maybe half buttons or snaps and a high school senior pendant from the class of 1997.  The year BC was born.

The neat thing about the pendant was it had initials on the back.  A quick trip to the high school office revealed those initials belonging to only one senior that year.  Mr. N.T.G.

A search on the Internet provided several potential Mr. N.T.G.’s  but it was after checking Facebook,  our Mr. N.T.G. became obvious.

Papa Bear sent Mr. N.T.G a message via Facebook letting him know what they’d found and it wasn’t long before PB heard back.
Mr. N.T.G.  now lives in California and as you can imagine, was quite surprised to hear from PB.  I think he was even more surprised when PB told him we’d put it in an envelope and send it to him.
He remembers the pendants were given to the seniors of 1997’s football team but beyond that, couldn’t remember how it is he came to lose it at the park.

Regardless of how it was lost, 15 years after the fact, it’s been found by our young Cub and now it will be returned to it’s owner.

Pretty cool start to Bear Cubs metal detecting adventures I’d say!

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2 Responses to “Like Father, Like Son”

  1. Evil Nell March 22, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    What an awesome story! I’ll bet BC is going to be covering a LOT of ground for quite a while after that find.

    I have B’s tucked away in the closet just waiting for his B-day next month. I can’t wait!

  2. PB March 22, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Have him call me when he gets it. I will tell him what the best setting is.

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