Metal Detecting Monday

16 Apr

So Papa Bear and his friend, C.H., went metal detecting this weekend and spent both Saturday and Sunday on one property.

I like it when PB’s able to send maps from the Internet showing the properties he’s metal detected.

Just West of Kenansville on property that once had a old house on it. The house was there as late as the 1990’s. On the property was a small graveyard of the Chestnutt family. Some of the occupants had been alive during the early 1800’s. The old house stood on the small rise just South of the graveyard.”

Saturday the 14th

1. First cheek horse bit
2. Union Infantry Button (My first)
3. Buffalo Nickel (My first)
4. Lead bottle plugs/stoppers (That is what I am told)
5. Octagon button? (No shank, just a post in the center)
6. Pre-Civil War buttons (Colonial??)
7. Iron cut nails (The one with the bent over head has got to be Colonial)
8. Camp Lead (Issued to soldiers on both side so they could melt it to make round ball bullets)
9. Rivets (The large one most likely came from a saddle)
10. Percussion Cap
Then there is the china I found. Same design but three different plate types.

Here’s a better look at what was found Saturday.

The Union Infantry button.

The Buffalo nickel.

The camp lead, rivets and percussion caps.

The lead bottle plugs.
With as much lead that was being used, “back in the day”, does anyone else but me wonder how it is that more people didn’t die from lead poisoning?

And pre-Civil War buttons  (wonder if they were lead too?)

Sunday the 15th

1. Spoon parts (handle)
2. Gilt covered copper (Gold Plate?)
3. Brass toe tap (
4. Flat buttons
5. Coper thimble
6. Door knob (?)
7. Small copper child’s ring (It has a design on the outside but I can’t get a photo of it)
8. Brass furniture tack
9. Small flat button with no shank (Has writing but it is unreadable)
10. Flat button (Back mark says “Best” and has arrow heads pointing to the bottom. Unknown date but most likely pre-civil war)
11. William Wallis button (Back mark says W. Wallis London Gold Twist Company made buttons from 1800-1828. has a cool front pattern)
12. London button (Back marks says London and has three stars.Unknown date but most likely pre-civil war)

Here’s a better look at some of the items found Sunday.

The Best button.

The London button.

The Wallis Button front…

And back.

The thimble.

And the toe tap.


Definitely a button kind of weekend.  I suppose on an old homestead site like this it would make sense.  Makes me wonder about the Union Infantry button though.

Thanks for sharing PB!


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4 Responses to “Metal Detecting Monday”

  1. PB April 16, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    I enjoy sharing the history. We actually found three Union Infantry buttons. Two in the area circled and one just to the South of the North arrow. We think that if there was a camp there, then it was at the crest of the hill which is just off the picture East of the old house site. Unfortunately, that area was covered in the stalks of last year cotton crop. The stalks stand about 6 inches high and are rigid. It makes for a frustrating time of MDing. This area will have to wait until it is plowed under but I will be back home by then. In fact, we are sure that if the area we found all the buttons in was plowed, it would give up more relics. All told we found about two dozen buttons.

  2. Evil Nell April 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Very cool finds PB! Sure beats the penny and 1/2 of a Hamms can that B found in the backyard. LMAO!

  3. PB April 17, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    He should start with any fields or farm property that his workmates might have. When it comes to relics, at least 75% of your time is in research.

  4. PB April 17, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    Also, parks and the sand lots would a good place to start. Obviously, getting the okay from the city parks will be good AND a sharp staright bladed shovel to cut those neat plugs out. LOL

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