Metal Detecting, Wednesday?

2 May

Ok, so it’s not Monday but since Papa Bear had a long weekend, he snuck in some extra metal detecting time yesterday after his drive home from visiting his family up in Virginia.

“All the hunts this weekend took place around the Yankee Hall, Winterville ad Ayden areas to the south and east of Greenville, NC”

May 1st

I thought this thimble was pretty cool.  It’s a bit smushed but it reads, “Mother’s Joy.  For Croupe-Pneumonia”

And another arrowhead.  Correction.  Spearpoint.  PB is being told that this could be a Guildford period spearpoint and if true, this would date it between 5000-3000BC.  I have a hard time even wrapping my brain around something that old…

May 2nd

click to enlarge

Because the labeling on this picture is sort of small, I’ve left the picture as large as I could.  Just click on the picture to get a better look.  Judging from the picture, it was quite a button day for PB.
It use to be when he went out, he was finding old spoons every time he went out but lately, it’s buttons!

PB told me that this coming weekend he is going back to this area to metal detect again.  Apparently they’ll also be hunting for prehistoric shark teeth?
I can hardly wait.

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