Front Yard Update

9 May

This is a continuation from this post.

Before I get to the pictures and updates, there are a few things I’ve learned so far about this project that I’d like to share with you.

First.  There’s nothing fun or fast about changing your entire yard over to an all rock landscape with a dry river bed.

Second.  Have a great pair of work gloves.

Third.  Have a LARGE bottle of your favorite pain killer on hand.  Your tired muscles will thank you.

Forth.  Drink plenty of water.  Moving rock is very dusty and leaves you very dry.

Fifth.   Have a LARGE bottle of your favorite lotion on hand.  Moving rock is very dusty and leaves you very dry.  Despite wearing gloves, your hands will feel like sandpaper.

So after posting last Friday about the front yard, I got busy digging the dry river bed.  I finished Friday with the basic curve then on Saturday morning I softened the edges of it up a bit to (hopefully) create a more natural looking river bed.

By Saturday afternoon, I started to lay down the weed block.
Because eventually I will need to blend our current rock with our new rock, I went ahead and spread out our current rock over the weed block to hold it down.

By late Saturday afternoon, the yard was looking like this.

Not a whole lot was accomplished on Sunday.  The day started out too windy to try and put down weed block and once the winds did die down a bit, I ended up running out.  Since nothing is open around here on Sundays to go and buy more, I focused more on the grass line.

When I removed the pavers that separated the lawn from the rock, it left a very definite drop off and I knew if I just covered everything with weed block and dumped the rock on top, you’d still be able to see the outline from where the pavers use to be.  So, I used some of the dirt clumps from the dry river bed and tried to blend the edge of the lawn to create a softer slope.

I also removed the rain barrel that use to be here at the corner of the house.  There won’t be any use for it in the front yard anymore so I moved it to the back yard. We have some extra downspout so I’ll just extend it back to the ground again.

By late Sunday afternoon, the yard was looking like this.

Monday ended up being a light day as well.   Since both Saturday and Sunday nights had freezing temperatures, the planting I had planned to do in the veg garden over the weekend happened on Monday instead.
I did manage to get some more weed block though and finish the second side of the yard.

I also laid down some plastic sheeting in the river bed.

Tuesday morning I started to fill the dry river bed with the river rock.
Since our pile of river rock is a combination of sizes, I’m separating out the larger rocks for now and setting them on the side.  I told Papa Bear that I have a greater appreciation for Mother Nature now.  She makes this look so easy and there is NOTHING easy about creating the look of a “natural” river bed.

This is how the yard looked by the end of Tuesday afternoon.  It’s not moving very fast but it’s moving.

I won’t be working on the yard today but tomorrow I’ll be back at it.  Hopefully by Friday there will be a bit more rock in the yard to look at!

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2 Responses to “Front Yard Update”

  1. PB May 9, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Wow MB!!! You have done a lot. It looks very good so far!! I hope you are using BC to help you. PB

  2. Sistah-in-Law May 9, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    That tree in the front yard is amazingly beautiful. I remember traveling to Arizona quite a few years ago and it was my first experience with rock yards. Being from KY, I thought everyone had grass! I loved the look of it, though. You have so much more patience than me. Great job! I’m sure you’re in great shape after hauling all that rock around.

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