1 Jun

Last Friday Papa Bear, MSgt A. and two other Marines took advantage of the long holiday weekend and headed up to Gettysburg, PA to do some site seeing.

“The Cabin at the Artillery Ridge Campground where we stayed.  Good enough for what we needed.”

“The “New” Gettysburg Visitor Center was built in 2008. Very clean and well presented.”

“Almost 200 bullet holes in the South Wall of the Farnsworth House.  We ate dinner there on Saturday night. The Game Pot Pie brought silence to our table, which I think all the surrounding tables appreciated…”

General Lee?? This gentlemen was sitting outside Lees Headquarters. Yes, he is real and not a ghost.

Looking north from Little Round Top

Looking at Little Round Top from Devil’s Den.

Union cannon looking down on Devil’s Den.

20th Maine’s position looking down on Little Round Top. (panoramic photo)

20th Maine monument looking towards Left Limit of Line.

“Little Round Top was interesting. It is actually an oval hill and not round. The 20th Maine under Chamberlain was actually covering the  most southern end of it and occupied their area with a line of troops maybe 75 yards long. Not a large area at all. On the panoramic photo you can see the right limit, the monument at the center angle, and the left limit of their line. There was no one to their left.

 We all agreed that no assault would be made on a hill like this today without artillery and air support. I cannot imagine having to charge up there in a wool uniform.”

The NC Monument sits where they started their march/charge across the mile of field towards the Union Line during Picketts Charge. I got the impression that the State of NC had purchased the land because there were four marble markers at each corner of the one acre square around the monument. It just looked like it anyway. “

“At the High Water Mark (HWM), looking back across the field towards where the Confederates started their attack, it really sank in as to how dauntling a task they had ahead of them. It was quite heart wrenching to stand there and think about it.”

“The 26th NC Regt almost reached the wall just North of “The Angle”. You have to wonder what thoughts they had as they stared down the barrel of the cannons firing at them….”

26th NC Regiment High Water Mark narrative.

“Inside the Gettysburg Visitor Center, there was a wall of both Yankee and rebel casualties. I took one of the Confederate casualties. They lost (killed, wounded and missing) over 28,000 over the three days. The Union lost over 25,000.”

Sounds to me like the boys had a good time.  I was told that they took in a ghost tour while in Gettysburg and each evening was spent around a campfire drinking beer naked bonding.

Thanks for sharing PB.





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2 Responses to “Gettysburg”

  1. PB June 1, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    It was a worthwhile trip, even though the heat and humidity was very oppressive.

  2. mommy dearest June 2, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    PB please see that the area has been cleared of heat and esp. humidity by the time we arrive. thanks!!

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