Metal Detecting Monday-PB’s Last Metal Detecting Weekend

4 Jun

In North Carolina that is.

This past Saturday, Papa Bear headed up north to hang out with some other metal detecting junkies friends.

“Well yesterday I headed out to Bath, NC (a two hour drive) to meet up with M and T. I got there early and drove around the historic area of Bath. Apparently it was one of the first settlements of the Colonies. Anyway the town was full historic markers but I thought the Palmer-Marsh House which is one of the oldest standing structures in the state of North Carolina.

Anyway, I finally met up with M & T and we headed to a old house that they had found a lot of silver coins at the weekend before. It looked like a 1920′s house and was one hurricane away from losing its front porch. Right off the bat I found the 1940 Mercury Dime. After about 3 hours I had found the photographed items plus two large axe heads (M has them to electrolysis) which I forgot to photograph. Anyway, I also found a lot of trash. Oh, I forgot to add that the 1912 penny is now my oldest wheatie. 

After we ate lunch, we headed back to Pitt County. We went to another old house that M said was haunted. He said as kids the dare was to stay the night in there. Apparently the owner was crazy, killed his family, and buried them under the house. This house was over grown with bushes. We went in to check it out. There were pentagrams painted everywhere, which no doubt adds to the lore of this house. 

Anyway, I went out into the cotton field behind it and started MDing. Now as a State Trooper I can honestly say that I use my “spidey-senses” all the time so when I say that I did not get a warm fuzzy from this house, well you know where I am going.. Yup I felt like I was being watched….After about 10 minutes in the field I was done. I even left the old coverall button that I found in the field. That voice in my head was just not happy about being there. When I suggested to M & T that we leave, they were quick to agree….(you think???)….”

“Anyway, we then went to a another old house built in the 1860′s. No strange feelings at this house…..In fact, although it was trashed inside and one hurricane from coming down completely, we ventured in to look at the post and beam joints in the upper room (attic) where the kids would have played. Nothing found at the house but it was cool to see a house this old. I found the way the chimney was designed, with the gap between the wall and chimney, very interesting.

 So, not much found, but plenty seen and sensed in a way…..”

Hmmm…I find it interesting that no pictures were taking of the “haunted” house?  Perhaps someone was a little…oh I don’t know…scared?

Since Papa Bear’s retiring from the Marine Corps this coming Friday, his time at Camp Lejeune is officially over.  Which also means his weekends of metal detecting the beaches and battle grounds of North Carolina are also over.  That is, of course, unless he flies back out to hang out and MD with some of the many friends he’s met along the way…

It does not, however, end his beloved hobby of metal detecting.  I know for a fact that he’s already contacted people back here in UT and lined up some properties full of potential for relic hunting.

I know I’m looking forward to seeing what he finds.

Did you know that back in from May 1857 to July of 1878, the Utah War took place?



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One Response to “Metal Detecting Monday-PB’s Last Metal Detecting Weekend”

  1. PB June 4, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    It has been a good run out here and while the history out west is not as old, there is still much to be found out there amongst the early settlements. I am looking forward to being home.

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