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Zombies-The Beginning

29 Mar

What your about to read was written by Bear Cub three years ago for a class assignment.  Initially it was the first chapter of a short story but because the teacher changed the direction of her course that year, these stories were never finished.   

A few months ago, I talked to BC about providing a short story here and there for our blog.  I even suggested we could start with this piece below and he could finally add on to it in time.  Surprisingly he agreed but with the caveat that I inform the readers that this was written 3 years ago and his grammar is MUCH better now.


~A Short Story by Bear Cub

zombiesMy dog jumped up and started barking at something outside my window.  “Be quiet, ” I groaned as I pushed him off my bed.  Just as I was getting out of bed, I heard a bang as loud as thunder come from outside my window.  I looked out and was appalled to see a dead man.  But even worse was when I saw my dad holding a shotgun and standing over the man.
There was something strange about the man.  Even though he had just died, it looked as though he had already started to decompose.  I backed away from the window.  My 12 year old brain could not comprehend what had just happened in the passed few seconds.  Then I heard a blood curdling yell.  I dared to look out my window again and was horrified at what I saw.  There standing over my dad was the guy who was just shot!  My dad was laying down, his eyes wide open and an expression of pure terror on his face.  Just as I was about to look away, the dead man turned and saw me and licked his crimson colored lips.

Just then, my 16 year old sister started yelling at me from downstairs about chores.  I ran out of my room and started to run down the stairs.  BANG, BANG, BANG.  “I’ll get it!” yelled Renee.  “Don’t open it!” I yelled.  “Why not?” she demanded.  “Because there is a zombie outside that just killed Dad!”  “Oh NO I am so scared, run to the car, ” she said sarcastically.  She looked through the peep hole and screamed as she saw the zombie and Dad dead on the ground.  She looked back at me with a terror stricken face, “RUN TO THE CAR!!”
“Um HELLO, the car is in the driveway next to the zombie!” I yelled back in a half sarcastic , half scared voice.

“We’ll figure our something,” she said starting to pace the living room.
“You’re the older one here, and it’s your car,” I said.  “Wait, I have an idea”.
“Well then, say it!” she said.
“OK, your car is like a foot from the edge of the roof right?”
“Is your sunroof open?” I asked.
“Yes, why?”
“Because I could get on the roof and jump in the sun roof and then run over the zombie!”
“Well, I guess you could do that”.
“OK, now I need the keys”.
“Here,” she said as she threw me the keys.

I started to run to the garage so I could get the ladder.  When I got to the garage, I grabbed the red and silver ladder and ran to the back yard to prop the ladder up against the house.  I started to climb when I heard another series of bangs from our door followed by a yell from my sister telling me to hurry before the door breaks down.  I got on the roof and was ready to jump when I saw Dad stand up and also try to break down the door.  Then I jumped.  I narrowly missed the sun roof and hit the car instead.  Lucky for me, the car was only about four and a half feet under the roof.  I roller over and hit the ground.  “Ooohhh,” I groaned.  “That could have gone better”.  Just then, I looked up to see the zombies coming towards me.  “Not good,” I thought to myself.  I turned around and saw the shotgun from earlier.  I reached down and grabbed it.
“Get back!” I yelled waving the point of the shotgun in their faces.  One of them started to reach for me.  I squeezed with all my might.  BANG!  The loudest bang I had ever heard rang out.  I nearly flew backwards when it fired.  Now one of the zombies lay unmoving with blood trickling from his mouth.

The other zombie looked down and started to eat.  “That’s not disgusting at all,” I said sarcastically.  I aimed the shotgun at the zombie and fired again.  This time I was prepared so I did not almost fall down again.  “Coast is clear!” I yelled to my sister. When she got outside and saw the two dead zombies, I thought she was going to puke.  Just then I looked across the street and saw our (now zombie) neighbors coming towards us.
“Renee!  Get in the passenger seat, NOW!” I yelled.
“What?  Why are YOU driving?”
Because you look like you’re about to pass out right now and I would rather live than have you pass out and have us crash!”

I unlocked the car and got in. Renee got in on the other side of me.  I was about to start the car when I remembered something.
“Wait, I need to get Spot.”
Who cares about Spot right now!?” she yelled.
“I do!” I yelled back over my shoulder.  I ran inside and grabbed Spot than ran back out as fast as I could.  I put Spot in the back and started the engine.  I put the car in drive and put the petal to the metal.  “Watch out!” Renee screamed as I headed towards a zombie.  As I was driving out of the driveway, I accidentally ran over two zombies.
Renee turned on the radio and we hear an announcer say, “If you are listening to this, go north until you see a town with ten foot tall, sooty colored bricks.  People are putting up signs that will lead you to this location.  If any help is needed, they will try to help you at one of our road camps.  That is all.”  Then the radio turned to static.
“Well,” I said, “I guess we’re going north.”  So I started heading north.



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