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Whatta Crock!

3 May

crockThere’s a small addition in the basement that I wanted to share with you.
Actually, it isn’t small and it’s quite heavy.

the western pottery mfg. co.It’s a 20 gallon crock Papa Bear spied at our favorite antique store down in Brigham City.
The crock is stamped, “The Western Pottery Mfg. Co.”,  and after doing a bit of online sleuthing, found that this company was based out of Denver, Colorado around the early 20th century, but beyond that, I really haven’t found much else.

I did read a brief blurb on one site where someone had a 15 gallon crock from the same company and they stated that it had been used to store dill pickles.
I have no idea what ours use to store but thankfully, it was very clean inside and didn’t require much cleaning at all. Which is good because in the future, it’s going to store blankets.

checkin it outBut someone’s going to have to break that news to Evie.

evies new favorite placeBecause for some odd reason, she thinks it’s hers and has been playing in it ever since I put it in the basement.


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