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Allergic Reaction

28 Aug

I had an interesting allergic reaction yesterday. Since I haven’t been able to find anything out there on the Internet like it, I thought I might share my experience. Who knows…it might help someone else at some point.

When it comes to allergies, I do tend to suffer a bit but nothing major. So when I became so stuffy I couldn’t breath out of my nose and I started sneezing uncontrollably while cutting down a large tumbleweed, it took me by surprise.

circled tumbleweedI took this picture back in early June and the tumbleweed, circled in red, was pretty small. But over the past several months, it’s grown to almost 4 foot tall about about 4 foot wide.

Image from

Image from

In the late summer, early fall, tumbleweed can be quite pretty, but as it dries out towards winter time, it tends to rock loose if it’s windy. And it gets VERY windy where we live.
Once it starts rolling, it spreads thousands and thousand of seeds, which is what I was hoping to avoid by cutting it down early. I’d really like for our neighbors to NOT hate me by spreading tumbleweed all over the neighborhood.

Anyway, the stuffiness and sneezing were one thing, but as I was cutting up the last of the tumbleweed and stuffing it into the trash, I noticed my heart was racing and I felt very jittery…like I’d had too much caffeine.

right arm

left armAfter I’d gotten in the house I realized I had these bumps all over my arms.

I ended up taking some Benadryl and jumped in the shower and after about 3 or 4 hours later, the bumps finally started to go away. The racing heart beat along with the jitters seemed to go back to normal about a half hour after taking the Benadryl.

Of all of the plants and flowers we have growing here at The Homestead, I just find it so odd that I had such a reaction to tumbleweed of all things…

If anyone out there has experienced anything similar, please share. I’d love to hear it.


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