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Our Decision Is In

3 Jul

Last week I posted about the RM-1600 solar attic fan we had installed by Bright Concepts.

rm 1600 solar fan

new solar attic fanIt’s only been one week but we can already say with complete confidence that having this fan installed was a VERY good idea.

Normally during our summer months when our temperatures are around 85-90 degrees, we’ve always experienced a radiant heat in the house. And without a fan to dissipate the heat, it just lingered all day long and into the late night hours making sleep almost impossible unless we turned on the air conditioner.

Now, even with the extreme temperatures we’ve had this past week, that radiant heat is gone. The house has still been hot enough to warrant the use of the AC, but we’ve noticed that it isn’t kicking on as early as it use to and when it does run, it isn’t running as long.

Another nice thing about this fan is how quiet it is. I can honestly say I can’t hear it. That’s whether I’m inside OR outside, but I do know it’s running because I can see the fan spinning from outside.

For $585, this fan certainly isn’t cheap, but I think logic would dictate that for the money we save by not running the air conditioner because of this fan, it will pay for itself in the long run.

There’s certainly no buyers remorse here!


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