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Metal Detecting Monday

6 Aug

Excursion to the Utah Territories


“So today I met up with DB in Henefer, Utah, before heading over for the dig. DB discovered Old Camp Floyd, in Utah, back in the mid 90′s and had written a book about his finds and the life of Old Camp Floyd. I had purchased the book and found it a great resource.

Anyway, we met with the property owners and I presented them with the plough blade and shed antler that I found last week. I also presented them with a display box with some of the relics that I had rescued over the past few weeks. After about a 45 minute chat, DB and I set out into the property and neighbors property that I had permission to access.
The plan was to work north in the neighbors land, hop the fence and head south and back to the truck in the property owners land. Well, after six hours, we had not made it more than a 1/4 mile north in the neighbors property.


My finds included a 1853 three cent piece, six 54 cal minie balls, a 52 cal Sharps bullet, 4 large eagle buttons, 1 small eagle button, multiple pewter buttons and part of a shoulder scale.


DB did equally well with a Company “K” insignia, a landing eagle badge, 2 eagle buttons, a couple haversack hooks and harmonica reeds, a candle stick holder base and an axe head.

All in all, a great days relic hunting.
I am still chipping away at a potentially huge iceberg…”


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