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Purina’s Beneful-Beware

8 Feb

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It seems lately I’ve been seeing more and more articles and blogs being written about the negative side effects of Purina’s Beneful dog food.

If it weren’t for the fact that two years ago we had  our own “interesting” experience with Beneful, I might not even be writing about this now.  The reviews and comments I read back then weren’t great, and if anything, disturbing. Apparently, things haven’t changed a lot in two years.

Let me just take a minute to state for the record that normally Gabriel is pretty indifferent to his dog food.  For such a big dog, his world does not revolve around his food dish.  He gets fed twice a day and although he may or may not eat that first morning bowl of dog food, by the end of the day, once you’ve added that second helping of food, he does eat, but he’s not overly fired up about it.

In the fall of 2010, I had a coupon for a bag of Purina’s Beneful dog food.  Since we were running out of Gabriel’s normal dog food, and since he’d been on his normal dog food for several months, I thought it might be nice to change his diet up a bit and get him something different.

Whenever we’ve introduced Gabe to a new dog food, we normally mix the old with the new until the older food runs out. And usually when this happens, he takes a renewed interest in his food because, well, it’s new.  It’s something different and he can tell.
So the first time we mixed a bit of Beneful into his old dog food, his reaction wasn’t all that surprising.  He ate with renewed interest.

It wasn’t until the next morning when it came time to feed him that we first realized something didn’t seem quite right.  Eating with a renewed interest is one thing, but the behavior Gabriel was exhibiting was way out of character for him.  The morning indifference we were use to was replaced with a hyper active dog that couldn’t wait to be fed!  It’s like he was starving.

This pattern of behavior not only continued over the next several days, it actually got worse.  He became frantic to eat, like an addict that needed a fix.  What started out as, “WOW!  He really likes that dog food!” turned into, “You know…something here isn’t right.  What exactly is in that dog food?”

And that’s when I started doing a bit of research.  What I found out there online isn’t what I expected.  I guess I thought I would find reviews from other dog owners that had the same or similar experiences as us.  But I didn’t.  What I found was shocking and sad.  I read comment after comment about dog owners whose dog had either been sick, was currently sick or had died as a result of having fed their dog Beneful.

Words like lethargic, diarrhea, vomiting and liver failure were repeated over and over throughout the comments.  Some commenters were lucky and had just started to feed their dogs Beneful so when these symptoms appeared, it was easier for them to pin point the cause since this was the only thing in their dogs life that had changed.  Others weren’t so lucky.
Others wrote that they had been feeding their dogs Beneful for quite some time with no apparent symptoms so when their dogs health started to decline, it didn’t occur to them it might be the food until it was too late.

Between Gabriel’s behavior and the negative reviews, that new bag of dog food went into the trash.  In fact, I’ve avoided buying any Purina dog food products since then.  I’m not saying all Purina products are bad, but in my opinion, if a major player like Purina is going to continue to churn out such a low quality dog food such as Beneful and ignore the complaints and concerns of so many, they won’t get our business ever again.

gabeThis handsome boy is way too important to us.

If you’d like more information about Purina’s Beneful or you’d like to read what other have to say about it, read on:

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